7 Reasons You Need to Know Your Soil’s Health

The nutrients in your soil are the key ingredients to growing a productive crop. The color of the soil doesn’t tell you what the nutrients are. The texture doesn’t tell you how many nutrients you have. There’s only one way to figure out what is in your soil and that’s by having your soil sampled.

Here are seven reasons you need to sample your soil:

1.) Save Money

You know that your soil needs nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium (NPK), but do you know how much you need to apply? Instead of applying more of NPK, in hopes it helps with past year’s issues, you need to figure out how much of each nutrient you actually have. Save money by only putting on the exact amount of fertilizers you actually need.

2.) Increase Your Yields

By figuring out which nutrients are low or completely missing in your soil it helps you to figure out what you may need to have a successful crop. Giving your crop the nutrients it needs is sure to raise your yields.

3.) More Money in Your Pocket

Once you have the right nutrients feeding your crops you’re going to increase your potential for a successful yield. Bigger yield equals more money made.

4.) More Than Just NPK

Sampling your soil isn’t just finding out about your NPK. It can report your organic matter, soil pH, cation exchange capacity (CEC) and extractable micro and macronutrients.

5.) Plant the Right Seeds

Soil Sampling is critical for selecting the right varieties that will produce the best in each fertility environment.

6.) Forecast Your Yields

There is no magic crystal ball to ask about the future of your crops, but there is soil sampling, which is about the closest thing you’re going to get. When you sample your soil, you’re able to tell if your soil is up to the standards to produce large yields. It takes more than one year to get low-fertility soil back into shape, and by sampling, you can increase its health and your yields by fertilizing according to needs.

7.) Know Your Land

There is nothing better than having all the information you need to make a large financial decision. By knowing your land, understanding your soil conditions, and taking some steps to improve it, you’re going to feel a lot better about your decisions.

Don’t risk giving up yield this growing season. Make informed decisions by talking to your agronomist at Two Rivers Cooperative and make a plan for your success.

7 Reasons You Need to Know Your Soil’s Health