After a Positive Spring, We Look Ahead to Summer

We Look Ahead to Summer, Corn Field

Brian Maxwell, Seed Specialist

This year was one of the best planting seasons we’ve had in several years. Most of the corn and soybeans in the Pella and Otley area were in the ground by the first of May. We had some cold weather and actually saw some frost damage to the corn plants that had already emerged, but fortunately, the growing point was still below ground and the corn recovered.

Cold weather comes with slower growth which stunted root development and less access to soil nutrients. Keep in mind as we move into June and temperatures become consistently warmer, your use of herbicides with surfactants or crop oils. In extreme heat, residual products can hang on for longer periods of time and create a crop response. Make sure to keep chemistry combinations, type of crop oil or surfactant needed or rate of application in mind.

With the early stressors that the corn crop was exposed to, a fungicide application would be beneficial at growth stages V6 to V8. Spraying fungicides before seeing signs of foliar disease is a good preventative step. This allows the fungicide to kill anything that may be developing, but isn’t visible to the human eye and helps control it.

As of now, we’ve had adequate moisture with some really nice growing degree days so the corn and soybeans are doing very well. As always, your TRC Agronomy Team is here to help you make the tough decisions!

After a Positive Spring, We Look Ahead to Summer