New Seed Hybrids for 2021

Brian Maxwell, Seed Sales Specialist


New product developments in agriculture are always exciting. From the latest innovations in equipment to improve efficiency to new fertilizer or micronutrients that help you get the most from your soils, we’re always on the lookout for the next new and improved product. At Two Rivers Cooperative, we’re excited to bring you new seed hybrids and varieties for 2021 to increase your bushels per acre.



DK62-89Tricepta: This high-yielding, very adaptive hybrid can be planted in almost any soil condition. It comes with amazing earworm and western bean cutworm control. Best if planted at 34,000 ppa or greater for top performance.

Brevant 12C01AM/Q: This very productive hybrid brings exciting new genetics to the industry. Equipped with the AquaMax® trait for amazing drought tolerance, excellent stalks and roots make this product stand out. Also available in Qrome® version for optimal below ground rootworm control.



B300EE: This high-yielding Enlist® soybean variety won most of our local plots in 2020. It comes packed with very wide soil application to soil types and carries an excellent SDS package.

NK S25-E3: This offensive Enlist® early maturity soybean brings amazing yields with great emergence, giving you an early planting option. It is very adaptive to most soil types with very high standability and phytophthora field tolerance.


If you didn’t get a chance to plant any of these new products, watch them closely in our local plots. We think you’ll be excited by what you see. Don’t forget to keep us in mind for your in-season needs. We will have a good supply of excellent corn hybrids and soybean varieties readily available.

The great part about working with Two Rivers Cooperative is that you’ve got our whole team helping you find the perfect seed for your acres. Let’s talk about which hybrid is best for your needs. Contact me at [email protected] or call 641-780-1969.


New Seed Hybrids for 2021