About Two Rivers Cooperative – We’re on Your Side

While the productivity of modern agriculture is one of the greatest stories rarely told (see what we mean in the video below), Two Rivers Cooperative is proud to play our part in this remarkable system that ensures an abundant food supply for people around the world.

As an Iowa-based, locally owned cooperative, we serve farmers and clients through our locations in Pella, Otley, Monroe, and Tracy. While our major lines of business include grain marketing, feed, agronomy, and petroleum, we never forget our bigger mission of building profitable business relationships based on integrity and quality.

Throughout our long history, we’ve shared the sentiments of Nelson Gardner, a leading Virginia dairyman and long-time cooperative supporter, who said, “Cooperatives have to remember what they started out for: the purpose of a farmer cooperative is to enhance members’ income—and they should keep that at the top of their priorities list.”

Thanks for your interest in Two Rivers. We invite you to learn more about how we serve our local communities and help area farmers maximize their productivity and profitability, while focusing on sustainability, in today’s ever-changing world.