Reduce Weaning Stress

Ryan Healy – Beef Nutrition Specialist

This busy time is here again for those producers managing both a row crop and livestock operation. A major job to get done during the fall for cattle producers, besides harvesting the crops, is weaning your calves in a timely manner. Because weaning is a stressful time on your calves, it is important to have a feed source that they will take to right away to reduce the stress and any possibility of illness.

I recommend feeding those weaned calves Accuration Starter for your complete starter feed needs. You will minimize the animal’s stress while also reducing your worry when in the field. This starter feed has been popular in the last few years for producers. The most common way to feed it is using a self-feeder. By feeding it this way, it helps cut down on time and extra labor. Accuration Starter is properly balanced with essential nutrients to make sure that calf is on the right path for good growth. It is hard to reverse a calves progress once they have had a rough start; it can and will affect the entire feeding ability for the long run. Once Accuration Starter is incorporated into your feed program, I think you will be impressed on the health and growth of your calves.

Another key part to your weaning success is practicing good animal husbandry skills, such as keeping waterers clean. Water intake drives dry matter intake, thus, guaranteeing an abundant source of clean, fresh water is very significant for top performance. Also, make sure your water sources and feeding areas are where all animals, both big and small, can reach. Calves that are smaller tend to get pushed out of the bunk line, causing them to possibly fall behind on growth.

An additional supplement to utilize during the weaning period is stress tubs. These tubs contain high amounts of trace minerals, which are critical for freshly weaned calves. The ability for a bawling calf to lick a tub for a brief period of time has proven extremely valuable. Receiving this nutritionally condensed supplement, along with other added benefits, such as Accuration Starter, provides an excellent opportunity to reduce the stress of weaning by helping calves recover faster through increased feed and water consumption. I want your cattle to reach their highest health and growth potential possible. Let me know what your current weaning situation is, and I’ll be glad to stop and discuss more with you.

Reduce Weaning Stress