Selecting 2021 Seed: The Sooner, The Better

The Best Genetics Packages Often Sell-Out Early

Brian Maxwell, Seed Sales Specialist
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Making the right seed selection is vital to a successful crop. Get all the information and help you can, so when you make your final decision you can do it with confidence.

Ordering seed early is your best shot at getting the right seed on every acre.

How do I select my corn hybrids or soybean varieties before I even start to harvest?

  1. Compare field notes you and your seed specialist have taken showing differences in the products planted for the 2020 growing season.
  2. Always look at a few new hybrids and varieties to make sure you are keeping up with the latest genetics.
  3. The newest genetics always sell-out early, so getting your order in now will give you the best chance at getting the seed size, quantities, and traits you want.
  4. Once harvest is complete, if you decide to add more of a certain hybrid or variety – or decrease it – we will work with our seed partners to nail down the best package for you.

What should I be looking for in an overall plan to get the best performance from my acres?

  1. Match the hybrid or variety to the field and soil types where you are going to plant it.
  2. Use the best traits to accomplish the need on your acres.
  3. Determine the level of risk you are willing to take. High-yielding race horse hybrids generally come with some higher risk, where as a more stable yielding product might bring less risk.
  4. Work with your seed specialist to help you leverage product performance and the most desirable seed placement on your acres.

Contact your Two Rivers Cooperative Seed Specialist today to get the 2021 crop year off to a great start.

Selecting 2021 Seed: The Sooner, The Better