Agronomy – Making The Difference

Crop producers are faced with endless choices about fertilizer, crop protection products, seed, soil sampling, and crop scouting. Count on Two Rivers Cooperative’s knowledgeable agronomy specialists in Otley, Pella, Monroe, and Tracy to help you maximize your return on investment.


Two Rivers Cooperative Agronomy Department Offers:

  • Quality Seed – Two Rivers offers NK®, Croplan®, Dekalb®, Asgrow® and Mycogen seed varieties. Our seed specialists can help you pick the best seed varieties and seed placement for your farm.
  • In-House Seed Specialists – Available to assist with fall seed pricing programs, promotions, early order discounts, and a bulk soybean seed delivery service to supply in-season needs.
  • Full-Service GPS Soil Sampling and Variable Rate Technology – Our advanced technology allows us to spread four products at the same time, improving efficiency and accuracy. We can now spread variable rate potassium, phosphorus, boron, zinc, or sulfur simultaneously.
  • Dry fertilizer, liquid fertilizer, 9-18-9 starter fertilizer, and anhydrous ammonia application services.
  • N, P, K, Zn, and lime recommendations based on soil sampling.
  • A full-service crop protection products program, including application services and a competitive chemical program for producers.