Spring News for Cattle Producers

As we work our way into the spring season, I want to take this opportunity to let our cattlemen and women what I am seeing out in the countryside and how we, at Two Rivers, can help you manage your herd.

I have been just starting to see flies out in the lots, which means they are here to stay for the year. I think learning how to manage fly control is something we can all overlook as cattlemen. At Two Rivers, we can help keep that pesky fly population down by using Altosid in our mineral. This product will also help cut down on the horn fly population, making sure they don’t mature into adults and rebreed. There is another product for our feedlot producers where I’ve seen success as well. ClariFly works to eliminate horn flies and face flies. You simply add a small amount of the product to your feed. I want to make note though, this is not approved by the FDA in cow/calf setting. You might be surprised to know that flies cost the cattle industry billions of dollars each year. Let’s not pass up the opportunity to lose dollars over pennies.

Producers should also be thinking about adding our Hi Mag mineral into the rations as the grass begins to green up. Our grazing grasses tend to be low in magnesium at the start of spring, and cows need that additional magnesium to avoid getting grass tetany. The only way to subsidize this deficiency is with tub or loose mineral. Grass tetany usually affects high producing cows, and sudden death is the result of contracting the disease, so it is nothing to take lightly. I would suggest starting to feed the mineral a couple weeks before turning the cows out to pasture and week after grazing. Although it is more prevalent in spring, grass tetany can occur anytime during the year where grass grows rapidly.

We will also be busy booking calf creep for this spring. If any of our producers are in need of feeders, please give me a call. I look forward to making visits to your farm this spring, and as always, if you need me, please give me a call!

– Ryan Healy, Beef Nutrition Specialist

Spring News for Cattle Producers