Staying the Course

Staying the Course, Cattle
Ashley Warren, Ruminant Production Specialist

Perseverance is defined by Webster’s Dictionary as persistence in doing something regardless of difficulty and/or delay in achieving success. This word really resonates with us now, given the past 12 months of volatile trade markets and global pandemics, on top of all the everyday obstacles that find their way into our industry. However, despite all of these, it’s become certain now more than ever that the world needs us to feed them – and we will persevere.

Based on the month of May we saw an increase of 14 percent of cattle on feed for more than 150 days. Slaughter numbers are slowly increasing as plants ramp up again, which is very encouraging as the end of May total head numbers set records that we have not seen since the end of March. Feeder cattle are steady as many hit the market in May due to the trend of the market and limited forage availability; this saw 270,000 head above in 2019. We also know that the demand is there as grocery stores saw ground beef sales increase 1 billion dollars versus the same period a year ago.

We must continue to “stay the course” by working together to develop solutions and market plans tailored to our individual operations. This includes evaluation and utilization of all on-farm resources (including time) and of course our rations and inputs. We continue to take care of our livestock and feed the world, one day at a time.

Now, I would love to be able to tell what the next six months will hold in terms of markets and prices, but the truth is, all we can do is the best we can in the moment and plan efficiently for the future. At Two Rivers, we know you don’t stop, and neither will we.

Thank you for all you do! Together we will get through this by staying the course in these unprecedented times.


Staying the Course