Storing Grain in the Summer

We have been noticing higher moisture in the grain that is being brought to us from out of the bin. With increasing temperatures and humidity, remember to keep the following in mind as summer weather joins us:


  • Moisture content should be near 13.5 percent for corn and 11 percent for soybeans. This will help to extend the storage life of the grain to prevent spoilage.
  • When your aeration fans are not in use, they should be covered to prevent the outside temperatures from getting inside and creating a chimney-like effect. The consequence of these temperatures invading the grain is the possibility of moisture content increasing.
  • Check your bins often! High temperatures allow for a healthy environment for insects and mold to spread quickly.
  • Over the years, there have been different opinions about what the best temperature is when storing grain over the summer. While it varies when looking at different regions of the nation, it is believed that 40 degrees Fahrenheit is a good rule of thumb for our region. This is a temperature at which mold and pests do not survive well.
Storing Grain in the Summer