Weaning Calves

As August continues and fall is quickly approaching, it is that time of year when kids are heading back to school, and our little 4 legged kids are getting weaned. As much as I’d like to separate these two, they are much more alike than we’d care to admit. Kids are getting back in a routine changing their diets (no more mid-morning grazing) and hitting the books…while our calves are also getting in a new routine without mom there to keep them in line, becoming more accustomed to a predominantly grain/starter diet, as well as learning to coexist with their bunkmates and play nicely! Of course, we want the best for both, kids and calves, so we prepare them and ourselves as we take on these challenges. The hungry calf gap does not have to get the best of us as we prepare our little 4 legged kids for these new changes.

Please give me a call, and we can get you all the tools you need. Check out this article on how your calves will never get over a GREAT start!


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Weaning Calves